GoVisually offers the following triggers and actions on Zapier:

  1. New Project
  2. New Asset
  3. New Version
  4. Due Date set
  5. New Comment thread
  6. Asset Finalized
  1. Create a New Project

You can read in detail on the functionality of each trigger and action from the links above.

Filtering triggers 

You can set up optional filtering for each trigger; All triggers can be filtered by Project (except New Project trigger). 

All Projects

You can set up a Zap to trigger on events from all projects in your account (example: New asset upload).

To do so, while setting up the Zap leave Project field empty under Customize Assets

When a Zap is set without a project, events from all projects in your team account will fire triggers to the connected app.

Specific Projects

To set up a trigger for an event from a specific project, simply select the project from the dropdown under the customization option for any trigger.

In this case, the triggers only fire when there is a new asset that is created under the selected project.

  Note: Zapier integration is in closed beta, some features and zaps on Zapier may not work as intended.