You can customize and personalize the appearance of your GoVisually email notifications by uploading your team or company logo. 

You can upload your logo in the same way you would upload a profile picture, just make sure it is in the correct format.

What size and shape of logo works best?

Square Logo with a minimum (75px x 75px) works best.

You can always generate your Logo by using the Clearbit Logo generator. Just add your domain name at the end of

Eg: will generate a logo that works perfectly for GoVisually.

Where will my company logo appear?

  1. When you share a proof, your logo will be visible to your reviewer/client. 
  2. Your logo and team name will appear on the email your reviewer/client receives.

Can I customize the app URL with our company name?

At the moment, the URL will appear branded as GoVisually. We are however working to release branded URLs as a feature soon.