If you work in a company with internal team members you can easily invite them to be part all your projects.

Note: team members are different from inviting reviewers. See difference between Team vs Reviewer

  1. Ensure you click on your team icon on the left
  2. Head to the Team Members tab
  3. At the bottom left, click Add Members

Choose the role of team member

  1. Choose if you'd like the member to be Team Member or Team Admin 
  2. Team Admins have elevated privileges including billing and team management.
  3. Click on Send Invitation button
  4. Your team member will receive an email and a link with instructions on signing up.
  5. Please ensure your team member sign up with exactly the same email address they were invited on. This is important.

  Pro Tip: You can easily select which team members can access projects. See here for the help guide