The Due Date functionality gives you the ability to set a due date (deadline) when reviews need to be completed. This is especially useful when you have an important deadline to work towards with projects where dates are critical.

Setting Due Dates

You can set due dates for each design individually.

To set a due date, simply click on the calendar icon on the design card and select the desired date.

Removing Due Dates

To remove a set due date, click on the calendar icon and select “remove due date”


How will my reviewers know when an item is due?

Once a due date has been set, reviewers will see the following on the thumbnail letting them know when it's due, or overdue.

How does the email reminders work?

If you set due dates to your designs, reviewers (clients) will be notified via email with a list of overdue items and upcoming reviews they need to action with clear dates.

When are email reminders sent out? 

Due date emails are sent out once a day at the following local times:

San Francisco2PM
New York5PM
Sydney7AM (+1 day)
Singapore5AM (+1 day)