You can control if you'd like everyone OR specific team members to have access to projects.

  • By default, all team members are automatically added to a new project.
  • However, you can control if you'd like specific team members to have access to a project.

Controlling Project Access

To add specific members to a project:

1. Select a project and click on manage. You can find this on the right-hand panel in your project dashboard.

2. Toggle off and add specific team members by start typing their name. Select members and click done. You can also add just yourself to make it private to you.

  Pro Tip: only team members who belong to a project will receive notifications and updates in the activity stream.

If a team member is part of a project, they can
  • access all proofs within the project, both present and all newly created or added to the project,
  • upload new proofs and revisions within the project,
  • be notified of all changes in all proofs within a project.

Adding team members as reviewers

  Pro Tip: By default, team members cannot change review status of proofs. However, you can allow specific team members to act as reviewers.